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‘Trump’ season finale set to be explosive

.It has been hailed as the greatest drama in the Fox Network’s history: a flawed genius unravelling before our very eyes.

“The writing is exquisite” said 50s throwback Mark Kermode. “His decline from uber-demanding chief to senile, petulant weakling is something we’ve never seen before. Maybe ‘Downfall’ came close but this has been a multimedia experience. The tweets, the bitchy press conferences, it’s been immersive. Trump’s performances have been impeccable”.

The show was the brainchild of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, previously best known for the creation of ‘Blair’, a show which seems parochial by comparison. Also, Trump’s on-screen wife is hotter than Cherie and might actually make a good hate character for Season 2, assuming Murdoch commissions another season.

“There’s certainly enough material”, said Kermode. “All the people he’s thrown under the bus, any one of them might come after him now he’s weak. There’s the whole ‘did he pay Russian prostitutes to pee on him in bed?’ storyline. Stormy Daniels. The fake Covid cures. If America’s victims turn into zombies, what a spectacle that would be – 170,000 zombies – even CGI would struggle with that”.

Season 1 has seen a steady decline in Trump’s faculties and his growing paranoia about voter fraud. What does the season finale hold? With an uncertain election in November followed by two more months in the White House, maybe we should look to one of Trump’s catchphrases:

“You always knew I had these nukes”.

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