Truss 100% behind Kwarteng to make knifing him easier

Liz Truss, the woman currently claiming to be Prime Minister has sacked The ‘Laughing Chancellor’ Kwasi Kwarteng for implementing policies that she wanted to be implemented.

Tory intern Henry Hootington-Hurst said ‘It looks like we have to do the opposite of what Liz wants now, so I’ve got to devise a tax system that means those most able to pay, pay the most. Also we need an immigration system that is compassionate, fair and doesn’t fly to Rwanda. And we need a benefits system – and in fact a government – not trying to screw people. ’

‘Who'll want to be Chancellor now? Maybe Rishi fancies another go? We’re the only far right party that can’t get the trains to run on time.’

Image: mmagallan Photos | FreeImages

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