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Truss 100% behind Kwarteng to make knifing him easier

Updated: Jan 9

Liz Truss, the woman currently claiming to be Prime Minister has sacked The ‘Laughing Chancellor’ Kwasi Kwarteng for implementing policies that she wanted to be implemented.

Tory intern Henry Hootington-Hurst said ‘It looks like we have to do the opposite of what Liz wants now, so I’ve got to devise a tax system that means those most able to pay, pay the most. Also we need an immigration system that is compassionate, fair and doesn’t fly to Rwanda. And we need a benefits system – and in fact a government – not trying to screw people. ’

‘Who'll want to be Chancellor now? Maybe Rishi fancies another go? We’re the only far right party that can’t get the trains to run on time.’

Image: mmagallan Photos | FreeImages

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