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Ukraine visit: Johnson ‘didn't realise there was a war on’

Critics of the UK government are saying that Boris Johnson’s visit to Ukraine has been used as a political stunt to distract people from events unfolding in the UK. But Mr. Johnson insists that he didn’t realise there was a war going on in Ukraine at the time of his visit and only found out about it afterwards.

Mr. Johnson then changed his defence saying that although there was a war going on he hadn’t realised it was taking place in Ukraine. The PM then changed his defence again by insisting the war was not actually taking place in the areas that he visited and so he could not have known anything about it.

Critics later accepted Johnson’s defence by agreeing that he could not have known about the war in Ukraine after all. ‘To be fair….you only have to see him walking around the bomb site to know he new nothing about the war’ said The Guardian war correspondent…..’everybody else was wearing battle fatigues and camouflage equipment while he was mincing around in a Savile Row suit and a pair of Bruno Magli slip-ons.

'Nobody in their right mind would visit a bomb site dressed as though they were heading for a champagne dinner at The Savoy. Once again it is his advisors and backroom staff who are to blame. As ever, Johnson knew nothing about any wrong doing’.

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