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Villagers hopeful about new bus shelter

Residents of North Netherwick, a tiny Somerset village, are hopeful about getting a new bus shelter, after waiting for more than 14 years.

‘We first asked for a bus shelter in 2010,’ says Joan, a member of the bus shelter action group.

‘We’ve been given the run-around since then.  First it was all about austerity and affordability.   Then we were fobbed of with promises of feasibility studies, evaluations, and consultations.   Then they wanted the villagers to pay half the bill.  And while all this nonsense has been going on, we just get wetter and wetter while we wait for the bus.  I suppose we are lucky that there’s still a bus.

‘But we are now very hopeful about getting some action.  It was the boundary changes that clinched it for us.  North Netherwick is part of a new parliamentary constituency and it’s considered to be a very marginal seat.   So, all of a sudden, the Tories are very keen to promise a new bus shelter.   And, to top it off, they’ve promised us a matching litter bin.  How exciting is that?

‘Anyway, we aren’t taking anything for granted.  Our campaign team are printing posters that say BUS SHELTER FIRST – THEN THE VOTES.   We’ve warned the local candidate that we like to fill in our postal votes early.  So if they understand how election bribes work, then they need to magic up that bus shelter pronto.  No shelter, no votes.   And they’d better not cancel the bus, either.

‘We are a bit worried that they will cock it all up, the useless tossers,’ says Joan. ‘Anyway, fingers crossed.’

image from pixabay

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