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Voters warn Labour it will be punished if strikes go ahead

Voters have indicated that if the Labour Party 'doesn't get off its arse' and sort out the wave of industrial action, then it will suffer at the ballot box.

'I'll be voting against Labour in Wakefield, if I can get there,' said one disgruntled voter, while admitting that if he could get there it would suggest the strike was off and 'Labour therefore had pulled its bloody finger out.'

Voters are disgusted that Labour haven't sorted out the NHS, education sector or steel industry either. 'What are they playing at?' asked one voter in Tiverton. 'If they don't shape up then I'll vote for the Lib Dems - at least they are a proper opposition party and not in power.'

Most voters now believe that Sir Keir Starmer should have sacked Boris Johnson months ago. 'It's inhumane the way he keeps on allowing him to make a fool of himself. If he doesn't sack Johnson soon, then I'll defo vote against Labour next time,' one voter said.

Image: Skitterphoto | Pixabay

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