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Why earthquakes caused by fracking are a Brexit bonus

People are naturally concerned about earthquakes, possibly due to negative press and movies depicting them as being dangerous and destructive, however the Department of Business has concluded that earthquakes are just poorly understood.

The UK currently doesn't enjoy many earthquakes, but thanks to Brexit and fracking, Blackpool, Merseyside, Cheshire and north Wales are in line for a bonus. First, fracking doesn't increase the likelihood and severity of earthquakes - it guarantees it. Now these previously earthquake deficient localities can experience earthquakes first-hand. Sorry London and anywhere else with properties that have value - this isn't for you.

Earthquakes aren't all doom and gloom - go to any recent earthquake area and soak in the urban renewal it generates - out with the old housing stock, in with the new energy efficient stock, sealing the localities net zero credentials. Plus, think of all the disaster funding that earthquakes attract - billions of dollars that accumulate faster than the Richter scale. Those DEC funding adverts sucking the odd tenner out of you will now be redistributing not only UK donations but worldwide donations back to the UK, and we at the department have arranged for disaster funds to be managed exclusively by Somerset Capital Investment to look after the billions that will inevitably flow offshore to the UK investment industry.

And remember - none of this would be possible pre-Brexit. Those interfering Europeans would have insisted on fracking going to competitive tender to all European fracking companies, not just to chums. Who doesn't want chums fracking the foundations out of their mortgaged-to-the-hilt property, eh?

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