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Woman believes she won’t gain weight by eating someone else’s chips

Laura Bunter always orders salad when she eats out as she’s trying to lose weight, but this doesn’t stop her eating chips from her husband’s plate.

Her husband Keiran said, “Whenever we eat out and I suggest she orders chips, she gets annoyed and says she’s on a diet. When the food arrives, she’ll say, “I’ll just have ONE of your chips,” then she scoffs the lot before I’ve even put salt on them. And she soaks up all the gravy in MY steak pie by dunking MY chips in it!”

When asked how her diet is going, Laura said, “I’ve been really good, and stuck to my diet for a month now. I don’t know why I’ve put half a stone on. I think my scales must be faulty!” Meanwhile, Keiran’s trousers have become quite loose around the waist lately…

Jane Bostin

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