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Zelensky demands own spin-off series

Ukraine's leader is touring Europe, trying to pitch an idea for a script he has, called 'He lived happily ever after'. Unfortunately contractual obligations means he may have stay with the TV franchise - 'War, the grift that keeps going'.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin was upset to learn he would not be joining the new show. His agent explained: 'My client is to be written out in mysterious circumstances - probably in Salisbury. The studio was unable to meet his demands of his own masseuse and all of Crimea.'

Zelensky is said to be frustrated that as the break-out star of 'War', he will not be allowed to literally break out. Said one Producer of the military industrial complex: 'Oh, we have plans for War to run and run. And if you think 'Lost' had a sh$t ending...'

image from pixabay

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