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BBC warns flash photography can also occur ‘in real life’

Viewers may find some of the warnings distressingThe BBC has cautioned its audience that while it can warn people about news reports featuring flash photography, the Corporation is “powerless” to protect people from flash photography that occurs “off air”.

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Psychics call for clearer messages from the other side

can they all please stop mumbling as well‘We keep getting crap like ‘it’s a message for Sid; the colour red is significant’. What’s up with these people?’

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Charles Saatchi stolen by art thieves

Nigella consoling herself by rolling around in chocolateThe art world is in crisis today following the theft of art collector Charles Saatchi. Police believe he may have been stolen to order and could already be in the hands of a private collector collector.

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Police closing in on Britain’s most notorious queue-jumper

queue jumper: police closing inPolice believe they are close to apprehending Britain’s most notorious queue-jumper after a nationwide hunt lasting five years.

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Election leadership debates to follow rules of Just a Minute

The format for the long-awaited election debate between the leaders of the main political parties has finally been agreed, with the rules based on the popular Radio 4 panel game Just A Minute.

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