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Fears for ancient site as coach-load of schoolchildren moves closer

Schoolchildren from a South London primary school have entered the county of Wiltshire, and are heading toward Stonehenge, according to reports.

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Bill Oddie ‘has never touched anyone up’, confirm reports

Scotland Yard spokesperson for The 1997 – 2000 ‘Birding with Bill Oddie,’ child abuse enquiry said this morning that accusations were filtering in from several minors invited to the filming that Bill Oddie ‘never touched them up’.

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Chilcot to conduct inquiry into lack of inquiry into Inquiry

Lord Chilcot is reported to be ‘delighted’ to accept the commission to conduct an impartial inquiry as to why Downing Street this week ruled out an inquiry into the lateness of the Chicot Inquiry. ‘It smacks of a cover-up’, sources close to Chilcot confided.

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Tube drivers are actually all Gollum, says famous actor

In a rare interview for Esquire this week, actor Andy Serkis credited his meteoric rise in the film industry to modelling the portrayal of Gollum on a train driver he knew on the London Underground.

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‘Ye olde Chilcotte Reporte on ye Hundrede Years War’ finally published

A medieval scribe known as Johannes of Chilcotte is thought to be the author of a crucial historical document that has recently come to light.

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