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Emily Thornberry goes into standby mode after sending last image

Labour MP Emily Thornberry has shut herself down and gone into standby mode after a sudden loss of power. Labour Party Central say that they lost contact with Thornberry on Friday shortly after travelling to Rochester and believe the shut-down may be a result of having spent too long in the shadow cabinet after a long political journey.

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Online recruitment specialists announce new service for former convicted rapists

Online jobsite has announced the launch of a brand new recruitment site for former convicted rapists –

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Nicola Sturgeon vows ‘No more fishy surnames’

Scotland’s new first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has vowed that she will not be continuing the practice of selecting senior SNP positions based on how fishy their surname is. Her announcement is widely seen as an attempt to distance herself from her predecessor, Alex Salmon.

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European Space Agency fines Philae Lander for negative TripAdvisor Review

A tourist has been fined 100 Euros by the European Space Agency (ESA) for leaving critical comments about them on travel review website Travel Advisor.

Mr Philae Lander posted the negative comments whilst holidaying on the ‘paradise retreat’ of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

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FIFA awards 1966 World Cup to West Germany

Independent FIFA Investigator Baron Deutschland von Uberalles has found against England in his investigation into the 1966 World Cup final.

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