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‘Buy Nothing Day’ campaign splits in promotional T-shirt crisis

With just one day to go until the 29th November ‘Buy Nothing Day’, anti-consumerism campaigners are embroiled in vicious infighting over a range of clothing designed to promote the event.

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Tesco announces ‘Gladiator’ sale – up to 60% off for survivors

Tesco has announced plans for customers to fight to the death in special arenas in exchange for significant discounts.

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Pope says last two Popes ‘possibly didn’t happen’

Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has surprised worshippers by suggesting that the two preceding papalcies – those of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XV – may not have occurred at all.

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All your devices have been hacked by Russian bandits

Everything you own has been hacked and all of your personal details stolen and sold to criminals, it has emerged.

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Lib Dems demand better Care in the Community

The Liberal Democrats have highlighted what they see as woefully inadequate provision of care in the community for soon-to-be Lib Dem ex-ministers and have demanded urgent action.

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