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Porn star shamed in sex tape scandal

After weeks of silence, adult film star Kelly Kim has admitted that she is the woman in a home video leaked online a month ago. The poorly lit, five-minute film depicts Kim and an unnamed white male with an average-sized penis , unofficially named as ‘her boyfriend’, having loving sex in the missionary position.

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Greeks vote to kick the can over the wall

In a referendum asking whether they wanted to kick the can down the road or to kick the can a long way down the road, the Greek people voted instead to kick the can over the wall. The government now seems likely to demand a never-ending supply of further, increasingly large, cans for them to continue to kick over the wall.

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Lord Janner to be tried using Mediterranean Migrant boats

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) today unveiled fresh plans to try Lord Janner in connection with alleged historical child abuse.

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Chris Evans to join Chris Evans as new co-host of Top Gear

The BBC has named Chris Evans as the new co-host of Top Gear when it returns with new host Chris Evans. The announcement was made on the BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show this morning.

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Fat Controller to be replaced by Transport Commissioner

The head of the North Western Railway, Sir Topham Hatt, is to step down after he wildly underestimated its budget last year and will be replaced by Commissioner for Transport for London, Sir Peter Hendy.

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