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Early indications are of a poor show for Dogs at Polling Stations

Overnight returns reveal a low turn out for dogs at polling stations all over the country. Owners have been accused of 'dropping the ball', and giving their pets 'the runaround'.

This election has been 'dogged' by several scandals, including rumours of Pals and Pedigree Chums, along with XL Bullying and brown nosing.

Working dogs, however, have done relatively well, managing to shepherd some support. Smaller, small nosed dogs have remained pugnacious.

The Kennel Club have reminded voters that this was just a local election, and for Police Dogs. They have promised a much better turnout for the National event, Crufts, later in the year, but say people need to bring along documented proof of pedigree.

photo: Photo by gotdaflow on Unsplash


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