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Trump refuses to accept loss at World Snooker Championships

Snooker player Judd Trump, who was knocked out of the World Championships by Jak Jones in the quarter final, announced today that he refuses to accept this result.

”This is a sad day for snooker,” he told a rally of his crazed supporters, who were chanting “Stop the Steal!” over and over. “The scoring has been politicised. They’re trying to claim he won just because he won more frames than me, which he definitely didn’t.”

He then told his supporters they definitely shouldn’t storm the Crucible Theatre and grab the trophy for him, though visibly winking and holding up crossed fingers as he said it.

However, he may face bigger problems due to the ongoing allegations concerning snooker referee “Stormy” Bozhilova, to whom he is accused of paying hush money after she saw him cheat by moving a ball with his hand.

His case isn’t helped by audio that has emerged of him boasting that “You can do anything you want, stuff the balls in the pockets… they let you do it when you’re famous.”

photo: Photo by Mark Stuckey on Unsplash


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