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Emperor’s New Clothes update: more victims come forward to complain of indecency

Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairytale Squad has announced that new evidence has emerged over alleged indecent exposure by The Emperor in a distressing streaking incident recorded several centuries ago.

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UK troops leave Afghanistan never to return, probably

The union flag was lowered at Camp Bastion and ceremoniously packed away, until it is required to be raised again at Camp Bastion by the next US President.

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Salad dressing marketeer set to withdraw from Hellmans

A specialist food marketeer has pulled out of Hellmans, ten years to the day after arriving to provide practical and strategic support for the company and its staff.

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Nation stunned at absence of sexual allegations against glam rocker

Four days after the death of Alvin Stardust, the world of entertainment remains in shock at the sheer lack of allegations of sexual misconduct to emerge against the glam rock singer.

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Cameron says UK economy not doing so well now

Wearing ripped clothes, and in bare feet, the Prime Minister addressed EU leaders directly asking them ‘Would you like to buy a Big Issue?’

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