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AI-based app for when famous people die

In another breakthrough for artificial intelligence, an app has been produced which will automatically post the appropriate things on your social media accounts when a famous person dies.

In the case of pop stars, it will look up a few of their songs so you can make out you were much more of a fan than you really were and a few of their most famous gigs so you can claim you were at one of them and it 'changed your life'. It will also check they weren't a paedo or a racist and come up with euphemisms like 'troubled' when 'obviously a complete mentalist' would be nearer the truth.

However, some people are sceptical about whether AI can really do this as well as a human being, or alternatively Alastair Campbell.

'I mean, could a machine have come up with the phrase 'the people's princess' in the wake of the death of Princess Diana?

'Personally I think AI will probably launch a nuclear strike and end life on Earth long before it descends to that level of unctuous, self-serving venality.'

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