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An Idiots Guide to lazy words to repeat to make a political opponent look bad

Regime – Always refer to your political opponents as being a regime. This infuses thoughts of authoritarian despots and death squads hunting down common-sense folk. In fact they may be talking about their policy on building some more Wind Turbines.

Radical – This makes them out to be extremist fanatics, hell bent on destroying everything our beautiful country stands for. The radical doctrine you are commenting on? Making sure children are fed.

Open Border – That’s what they want, no security, just hordes of criminals pouring in. Not even a small white line on the ground, just waves of violent murderers laughing at empty passport checkpoints. You are only saying what everyone sees all the time.

Crime family – A more US choice but saying this every time makes it pretty clear they are as guilty as a weasel in a hen house. That is how a stable judicial process works. Calling them a cartel doesn’t fit right and associating them with the Cosa Nostra will confuse your target audience. Keep it simple, a nice big family doing all of the crimes.

The most annoying thing about this technique is that it actually works. Really, really well.

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