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Another famous soap star has died

An actor/actress famous for their role in Emmerdale/Corrie/Holby/Byker Grove/Z Cars/The Triangle/El Dorado/Upstairs Downstairs/The Bill/Stenders/Hollyoaks/Neighbours/Blankety Blank has died.

They were best known for their famous catchphrase/charity work/personal demons (drink)/frequent arrests/debilitating skin condition (drugs)/dyslexia/mental health problems/vibrant personality(drink)/stormy relationships/catastrophic interview with Parky/Russell Harty/Jonathan Ross/Kirsty Walk/Piers Morgan.

The actor/actress demonstrated their versatility by appearing in other programmes such as Doctor Who, Casualty, Midsomer Murders and Shakespeare and Hathaway.

A statement from their agent said: ‘We are sad to announce the death of this actor/actress who died surrounded by their family/alone/in A&E/on stage/abroad/in a freak travellator accident. He/she was a much-loved husband and father/brother and sister/wife and second cousin, and will be sorely missed by everyone.'

Famous colleagues expressed their dismay. Someone who worked with the deceased on many occasions said, ‘He/she was a great loss to the acting profession. They were always a pleasure/nightmare to work with and were always very considerate/inconsiderate on set. Their work will live for ever, and their advert for suppositories (only shown in Japan, Iran and North Korea) was an instant classic.’

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