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Apple anxious to examine iPhone that fell from plane

An iPhone that was recovered in Oregon and found to still work after being sucked from the Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 on Friday when it lost its door plug, has astonished Apple engineers who are keen to examine it.

“We thought we had covered every possible angle we could make an iPhone break and incur ludicrous repair charges, but falling to earth from five miles up without breaking, is something that never occurred to us to cover” said Chuck Hick, an Apple design engineer. “It was amazing to be told that even after a five mile drop and landing with a bump, it hadn’t even lost its WhatsApp messages.

Apple has promised its loyal fans it will investigate why the phone never failed and address the issue before the iPhone 16 (pro politician edition) is launched later this year.

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Jan 14

" it hadn’t even lost its WhatsApp messages"


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