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Argentina and UK governments both looking for a distraction to boost national pride

The new Argentinian president, a far-right leader nicknamed “The Madman” has inherited a failing economy and will require something positive to distract the nation’s population. Something to install popular national pride if you will, and to distract them from the excellent management of the country that he will so clearly provide.

The UK Conservative government, on the other hand, IS responsible for the current failing economy, and needs a distraction before the next election. Something big to inspire people with good old pride in British sovereign power.

The current Tory leader is disliked by the vast majority of his own party, and indeed the UK population, and is flicking through history books for examples of disliked Tory leaders turning negative opinions round.

A good global relationship is always helpful and there are rumours that Jeremy Clarkson may be sent over to Argentina as a special envoy.

Hopefully, the end result will be a lovely trade deal on beef.

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