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Armando Iannucci to make this the last season of The Conservative Party

After twelve years of writing one of the best political farces of our generation, it seems that the esteemed comedy writer will call it a day on this comedic undertaking. Recently, a few episodes were criticised for being too far fetched and using four different Prime Minsters just made it too ridiculous for some.

It also seemed desperate to bring back characters in a bizarre move to maintain interest, so it may be time to fully wrap this up. The series of unmitigated disasters and ineptitude of modern government will be remembered for its popular catchphrases, gaffes and violent swearing. Who can ever forget the lettuce storyline and that Barnard Castle will now forever be associated with eyesight tests. Absolute genius stuff.

Some bits were watched cringingly through partially covered eyes, in wonderment at the clever creativity of such awful characters with no redeemable features. You really don't mind seeing them fail, again and again.

Managing to get scandals out of wallpaper, birthday cakes and even a dead pig; it was this kind of creativity that enabled the production to last so long.

His US series was just too much for UK audiences who were couldn't really get their head round it. Mr Iannucci's next project will therefore probably be a Labour Party spin off. A source said the early drafts are a little dull but they are sure they will be plenty to work with.

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