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Armistice means Arming & Remembrance means Forgetting

In an Orwellian shift the UK Government has agreed to flip the meaning of words, to create a sense of confusion, outrage and to piss off the Oxford English Dictionary. All language is contrary to what we first thought - except 'Ar$ehole' which always meant Boris Johnson.

Now that Peace Marches are Hate Marches and that Ethnic Cleansing is Spring Cleaning, people have even called James Corden talented. Poverty is a Lifestyle Choice, Billionaires are Generous and the last season of Game of Thrones was Satisfying.

In this topsy turvy world journalists proclaim Nazis as misunderstood and label dead children as terrorists. Although everyone agrees that when it comes to Suella Braverman 'Never again' means 'Never again'.

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