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Liz Truss wins worst memoir of the year, pipping Fifty Shades of Grayling

The worst 'look at me and what I did' book of the year awards have been held in the burnt out shell which was once your nearest hospital. Here are the unreadable straight-to-pulp car crashes government ministers shat out instead of attempting to run a country.

Liz Truss - The Tip of The Iceberg Lettuces

Chris Whatsmename - Fifty Shades of Grayling

Rishi Sunak - The Big Short Trousers (featuring Rishi Longstockings)

David Cameron - First Past the Hogroast

Boris Johnson - Identitty

Michael Gove - Lord Nose (A Snort Story)

Jeremy H Unt - The English Patients Still Waiting (reprinted by the Foodbank of England)

Suella Braverman - A Wish Called Rwanda

Priti Patel - Catch 22 (Asylum Seekers)

Theresa May - Wheatfield of Dreams

Grant Shapps - Me, Myself and Corinne Stockheath (ghost written by Sebastian Fox, forward by Michael Green)

Jacob Rees-Mogg - Stranger Offshores (Eton, Pray, Gov)

Nadine Dorries - Murder in the Deviant Express

Nadim Zahawi - Yougov in the Time of Cholera (HMRC £3 million tax evasion prosecution still pending)

Kwasi Kwarteng - The Day of the Jack All

Penny Mordaunt - The Thatcher in the Eye

Dominic Raab - The Romanians of the Daaaaaay

Thérèse Coffey - War and Piss

Matt Hancock - The Wrong Kiss Goodnight

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