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BBC bookers express relief at Farage's latest attempt to become MP

Nigel Farage, the 21st century's Oswald Moseley, is planning his 85th run to be a Westminster MP, much to the relief of the BBC's political bookers.

'Phew' said one 'Now we can have Nige on everything, all the time, as normal. He can have his usual chair on Newsnight and Question Time. He can present Have I Got News For You and the 10 o'clock news and a maybe a few travel and quiz shows as well.'

'We were worried that we would have to book people who can string a sentence together without some xenophobic soundbites. Or worse, someone with progressive views. It's a good job there have never been any Green MPs. Ever. Not on Newsnight anyway.'

'If you think it's weird that we constantly book someone with the electoral success rate of Count Binface, but without the brains, charisma or morality, you have to remember that Farage is box office. Toxic, poisonous, racist box office, full of more effluent than the River Thames.'

'You'd want to have a pint with him, but only so that you can glass him.'

image from pixabay

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