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BBC exposé on government 'State of Chaos' replaced by Conservative Party political broadcast

Since the BBC replaced its damning insight into catastrophically appalling governance during the past decade with a lovely fluff piece about what Jacob Rees-Mogg prefers for breakfast on his scrum-diddly-umptious slices of ermine, a wondrous calm has descended upon the people of the United Kingdom.

The BBC's flagship show which speaks truth to power, Mrs Brown's Boys, had been criticised for its failure to provide the right level of insight into what a jolly decent set of good eggs the Conservative Party has in its rank and paedophile. So it fell to slapstick comedian Laura Kuenssberg to educate, entertain and inform the nation.

The result united everyone around every water cooler in the country, each one repeating to each other in quiet knowledgeable murmurs the irrefutable understanding that 'Liz Truss merely made one minor misstep in an otherwise glittering career of total success'.

Despite delivering the sweet embrace of a unified nation following years of bitter division, Auntie Beeb is to be broken up and sold as spare parts to GB News because Boris Johnson's massive mandate was only emphasised 17 times.

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