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Black Friday flat-screen TV buyer killed by single sword thrust

A 54-year-old Black Friday bargain hunter was killed by a fellow shopper in Curry's electrical goods store in Oxford Street, central London yesterday after a confrontation over a 43-inch flat-screen TV set.

Vic Digence, from Mare Street in Hackney, was killed by a single sword thrust to the chest from a man who, according to witnesses, became incensed when he saw the victim making off with the heavily discounted item and heading to the checkout.

One female bystander, Tracy Carter, 32, from Stratford, East London, told us: "I heard voices being raised and turned to see this bloke stabbing another man with a sword.

'He was well furious and was calling this poor bloke all the names under the sun.

'I can only assume he had his eye on that telly and lost the plot when he saw this other bloke walking off with it.

'He then pulled his sword out of the fella's chest, picked up the telly and walked over to the checkout to pay, as calm as you like.

'I said to my friend that it was a bit over the top. I mean, we all like a bargain and I've had the odd up-and-a-downer myself over a cheap item but surely a punch in the face would have been more than enough'

The police have named the assailant as Toby Dell, 42, from Brushfield Street, Whitechapel, who was recently released from a secure unit where he had served 25-years for nailing a woman to a display unit following a dispute over some cut-price pillowcases at the Selfridges January sale in 1996.

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