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Blood donation questions to include political leanings

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

NHS Blood and Transplant has announced a change to their questionnaire for donors with updates that will improve safety for recipients of transfusions.

Potential donors will, from today, be asked if they are an active member of a political party. If so, the near-armful will be subject to further tests prior to release.

"It's important that we keep the donation process safe for all parties," Said Olivia Leach of NHSBT. "Children in particular are at risk of side-effects from certain components of adult blood. One adverse reaction last year where a paediatric patient suddenly developed an acute interest in Hedge Funds and pinstripe suits was traced back to a unit of blood that came from a Conservative Donor. Therefore, we're adding these checks to ensure nothing like that can happen again."

Other side-effects recorded in the last twelve months included an increased level of bickering with family members over trivial issues traced back to a Labour Party member and a belief everything was a mandate for Scottish Independence after receipt of SNP blood. No reactions were recorded from anyone receiving Liberal Democrat supporter blood, mainly because no-one would admit to being a member of the party.

image from pixabay

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