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British sports fans gripped by Winter Olympic fever

Winter Olympics fever - better than Covid and a way to forget Boris Johnson is Prime Minister - has gripped the nation.

Luke Lyle said 'It's even better than the proper Olympics. Determining whether Austria or Norway has the fastest downhill skiers can bring this country together. I don't know why they specify the skiing is downhill, but I've got my cowbell locked and loaded. Plus there's bowls on ice, with added sweeping. Also lying down on a tray, then firing yourself head first down a tube at 200mph. It sounds insane but it's quite safe according to the documentary 'Cool Runnings'.'

Pensioner Eleanor Evans said 'Are Torvill and Dean in it? I like Torvill and Dean.' The Ski Sunday theme tune is already the most streamed song in the UK and will go to number 1 for the duration of the games.

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