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Bus used for funeral procession 'failed to stop at the cemetery'

When a number 13 bus was used to convey a London veteran bus driver on his last journey, the organisers failed to consider the correct route. 'We picked him up from his house, which really needed to be a number 14x,' said Bert today. 'It would have been better if he'd travelled from the chapel of rest as that's a number 16 and goes straight past the cemetery, although with it being a request stop it could still cause problems,' he added.

The deceased driver's family travelled in a Corporation bus that was supposed to follow the lead bus, but in fact diverted to the railway station as a rail replacement service due to the strikes. 'It was a shock, but I was able to pop into Tesco while it waited for the connecting service,' the bus driver's widow said. 'Unfortunately it never went anywhere near the cemetery so we all missed the burial.'

The officiating priest caught an Uber and was waiting for three quarters of an hour until he got a call advising that the coffin was sitting in lost property back at the depot. 'His wife's got six months to claim him, otherwise he's off to landfill, ironically' said a Corporation spokesman.

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