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Delivery companies to strike over "Boris Day" working conditions

Delivery companies in the Home Counties have called a strike for Father’s Day weekend this year (June 17th-18th). According to the Delivery Drivers Association, it’s not just the growing quantity of post on what the industry increasingly nicknames “Boris Day”.

Head of the Association, Pat van Clifton, said 'Did I say we’re delivering for the British people? Anyway, we were just about coping with the amount of post, although not all of the consignments smelt very salubrious, know what I mean. Now, though, there also seems to be a range of addresses each year, meaning we can have members in the wrong place several times over the weekend. Ask yourselves, is that appropriate for Boris Day?

'The challenge got particularly acute during lockdown where was so much traffic at Chequers, that our schedules were put out for days.

'This is a complex logistical challenge and our members deserve better pay and working conditions if we’re going to keep delivering for the British people.'

Mr Johnson will be approached for comment, when we can locate him.


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