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Donald Trump's legal team working closely with Reform UK

Donald Trump’s legal team are reported to be working closely with Reform UK. The ex-US President is said to be impressed that the party previously known as UKIP came up with the dumb-assed idea of leaving Europe but has now shamelessly left the Tories to take all the heat, with Reform UK claiming that ‘Brexit was still a good idea, just not done right’.

A spokesperson for Mr Trump said: ‘Leaving the Tories to stew in their self-inflicted Brexit disaster was a strategic stroke of genius by Reform UK. Letting others take the rap for your own stupid ideas and then walking away without one iota of remorse, contrition or responsibility offers lots of key lessons – and the ex-President intends to learn them all.’

Several US correspondents have suggested that Donald Trump may adopt a similar strategy in his forthcoming trial on insurrection charges. While he was instrumental in initiating and organising the Capital riots, the ex-President’s lawyers are expected to argue that others were ultimately responsible because ‘the Insurrection was still a good idea, just not done right’.

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