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Dr Who is 'pure shite' claims new study

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

A new study has slammed Dr Who as being "pure shite". Furthermore it goes on to claim it’s only fear of being seen as uncool that stops most people saying what they really think.

One Sci Fi superfan, Simon Carter, said: ‘If I’m being completely honest Dr Who is very much the “Crossroads” of the genre. Its rather stiff, starchy and quintessentially drab British vibe, not to mention shonky special effects, looking like they cost about one pound-fifty per episode, are to blame.

‘Compared to Star Trek it’s dire. But because of the massive hype surrounding the show's puzzling longevity, it’s become completely taboo to slag it off, in much the same way as one daren't even think about criticising athletes since the London 2012; especially the Brownlee Brothers.’

However, Whovian Society Secretary and self-styled Emperor Grombitz of Glarg, Albert Tompkins-Harris, has hit back: ‘DW is a fabulous programme with amazing stories and production values. Were I to choose a phrase to sum it up it would have to be "utter Daleks".'


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