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Eagle-eyed Kate spots a bargain.

With Kate and William now able to look for odds and bobs for their new residence Kate discovers a “jewel” of an offer in the classified ads in the Sun on Sunday. It sounds too good to be true but a couple having trouble finding a new abode, have decided to offer their unique stripey wallpaper for 10% of it’s original price. Although it’s been used just once it still retains it’s original sheen, and there is enough for a decent size living room.

There would have been more available but 3 rolls were cut into handy 95mm slices and a further 7 cut at 120mm. These were for the “petit office” as they blended in with the surroundings. One word of advice from the madam of the house. 'Paint the walls of your “petit office” white as both rolls were hard to find against the background! And bring a wheelbarrow, they're bloody heavy.'

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