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Elon Musk found sleeping rough

Friends of Elon Musk, both of them, have expressed concern about reports that Musk has been sleeping rough. Musk's fortune dropped to $178 billion recently and he has been hit hard by the energy crisis due to using electric vehicles extensively. They say that reports he's been selling the Big Issue are 'unlikely to be true' but photographs released today show Musk collecting cardboard, carrying a tattered sleeping bag under one arm, unshaven and smoking a roll-up seem to suggest he isn't coping well.

Salvation Army Captain, Bill Rogers, said today that with the extreme cold - it hit a low of plus six degrees overnight in California last night - coupled with a shortage of food banks providing Corden Bleu standard ingredients is forcing more and more billionaires to the streets. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are all thought to be wandering the streets aimlessly.

'Spare a thought for billionaires this Christmas,' said Bill, urging members of the public to consider adopting one. 'A billionaire isn't just for Christmas,' he cautioned, ' for tax purposes they should be kept until April 5th.'

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