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French trawler impounded outside Bridlington fish shop

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The continuing spat between the UK and France over fishing rights escalated yesterday after a French vessel was detained and its crew arrested. The 40ft trawler, ‘La Colope Coquine’, had reportedly anchored just off ‘The Only Plaice In Town’, a fish and chip takeaway on Bridlington High Street.

The takeaway’s owner, Ted Ruskin, told us,'A couple of their guys just started fishing around in my fryer. That’s taking a liberte that is.' However, the trawler’s skipper said they were perfectly within their rights to be there as they had a licence to fish for cod, haddock and scampi. He admitted they did net some British sausage but threw it back in as it was far too small.'

The last word to Mr Ruskin who commented, 'I’ll say one thing for the French. They love a good scrap.'

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