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Ghost of Christmas future stuck in 2022

Rather than projecting an image of a post-apocalyptic future, he now just shows re-runs of the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special. The ghost lamented: ‘I’m supposed to offer a bleak picture of the future, but I couldn’t think of anything worse than Liz Truss with Omicron’.

Scratching his head, the ghost admitted that Russia and NATO butting heads in Ukraine was far scarier than Mr Fezziwig rogering a plum pudding. ‘I used to warn employers like Scrooge that they should not undermine worker’s rights, but given that nurses are using food banks, that cooked-turkey has flown.

‘I’m foreshadowing how the horrendous things we do now have an impact on a distant future, but with Brexit kicking in, the first season of the Rings of Power and Trump back on Twitter, we’re already f$cked.’

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