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Goon Show recordings to be used to train an ever-growing elderly workforce

With research showing that British workers are increasingly likely to work into their 70s, corporations have been faced with the problem of keeping their workforce up to speed in an ever-changing technological environment and have turned to technology for solutions.

Fortunately, Goon Show recordings of Henry Crun and Minnie Bannister still exist and with the benefit of AI, their voices can be used to explain to elderly workers, the changing expectations their employers have of them.

The ghost of Spike Milligan told Newsbiscuit via a medium who was able to contact Mystic Meg and Spike in a three-way Zoom call, that if Newsbiscuit had been aware was going to take place, would have offered its podcast facilities to assist with, that the reason Spike invented the Henry and Minnie characters was intended to reduce the pension age rather than extend it.

Mystic Meg's ghost advice, was that she never bought a lottery ticket herself, and if the British people had any sense, they'd follow her example and could afford to retire at 66.

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