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Government Completely Changes the Meaning of the Word Exciting

Rishi Sunak recently stated, on TV, live, with people watching and everything, that the upcoming CPTPP trade deal (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for You've Stopped Reading This) was "Exciting".

Straight away, MI5 contacted the Oxford English Dictionanry and forced them to "update" the definition of the word. It now reads as follows:

exciting, adjective; something so dull you want to remove your eyes with a spoon.

The Prime Minister can now not be accused of misleading the public or untruthing or alterntive facturising or outright telling porkies. A Downing Street spokesperson stated; "He is correct, look it up, it's written right there. Don't look up the word fantastic though, we can't believe he also said that."

Websters has also updated their online dictionary definition to:

exciting, adjective: I'll type anything you want just don't hurt my face.

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