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Hostile Homes Under The Hammer with Robert Jenrick

Many soon-to-be-unemployed Tory MPs are looking for jobs with impotent rage factory GBNews. Taking a slightly different approach however is happiness hoover Robert Jenrick, who is fronting a new right-wing daytime property show.

Each episode sees Jenrick and his team of joy killers visit a nicely decorated family home in a Labour or Lib Dem area and turn it into a hostile environment for adults as well as children.

One crew member said 'We obviously paint over the kids' rooms. Then we smash the place up, basically. Destroy the furniture, maybe leave a sofa on fire in the garden. Leave trailing wires and leaking pipes - always a great combo. Basically a proper Bullingdon blow out.'

At the end of each episode, Jenrick drops his catchphrase 'Unwelcome to your home!' and the family gets deported to Rwanda.

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