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How Prince Louis' wheelbarrow differs from the one the young King rode in

Prince Louis was photographed, on his fifth birthday, in a more comfortable, relatively modern, wheelbarrow than the traditional Royal single wheeled garden cart.

The Gold State Wheel barrow has been used in every royal birthday photoshoot since the 1830s which William IV used to push his niece, Victoria, round the Buckingham Palace croquet lawn.

The new Diamond Jubilee Wheelbarrow is much more modern than it appears, with air conditioning, electric windows and up-to-date suspension. It shuns the traditional single wheel arrangement, opting for a power hungry four wheel drive.

"It's made of aluminium, which is quite unusual, because most of them are made of steel, and it's also got hydraulic suspension, meaning that the ride is incredibly comfortable," says Bayleaf the Gardener, Guardian of the Royal Dibber.

It incorporates pieces of wood from historic betting shops and houses of ill repute, including Arthur Daley's Winchester Club and Mrs Miggin's Pie Shop.

A Collector's replica will go on sale to the public to coincide with the Coronation. It includes a replica Corgi, and a scale model of Prince Andrew which can be ejected at the first sight of a member of the Paparazzi.

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