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'I clicked on TwitterXXX by accident' claims sweating man

Following Elon Musk's change to the platform, many have taken the opportunity to explore x-rated Twitter content, using the rebrand as the perfect cover story. 'I just assumed 'XXX Birds' was just an innocent name,' coughed one husband awkwardly, unable to make eye contact. 'It's just like that time I meant to click on FaceBook but ended up spending $500 and an entire weekend on P$ornhub.'

Mr. Musk denied that he was boosting traffic to his faltering platform, by implying that its content was far more explicit - and it was a complete coincidence that the Twitter Bird has been replaced by a pair of undulating breasts. An aide remarked: 'X simply marks the spot... possibly the G spot.'

Forced to retire, the Twitter emblem - in order to make ends meet - is now ironically working in the adult film industry.

With Musk claiming X as the new name for Twitter, letters of the alphabet are running out fast. SnapChat plans to rebrand as S. WhatsApp plans to rebrand as ? Facebook will change its name to f, matching its logo. The Russian Army has already claimed Z. Insta, formerly Instagram, will become I, a move that a British news rag plans to challenge. Wikipedia will become Y. Three will become 3. Greggs will become known just by the mathematical symbol for pi.

Economists have calculated that all this rebranding will give a massive boost to brand consultants and have no measurable impact on consumers.

H/T: deskpilot

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