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‘I was coming out at the junction anyway’, confirms Audi driver

An Audi driver who you helpfully double-flashed your lights at so he could come out of a busy junction in front of you into queuing rush hour traffic, was going to do it anyway, it has been confirmed.

'I'd definitely already started to emerge from the junction well before you flashed me’, confirmed sales manager Mike McBride.

‘And to be honest, I’d have come out even if you'd been going at forty miles an hour, and there was only a millisecond to complete the risky manoeuvre’.

‘Definitely no need for me to acknowledge your kind gesture with a raised hand, a quick nod of my head, or the universally recognised double click of my hazard lights to thank you’, noted McBride. ‘No, sirree’.

‘Things to do, people to see. My time is just way more important than yours’, continued McBride, studiously avoiding any eye-contact with you in his rear-view mirror until he was able to jump some traffic lights and accelerate away.

McBride has confirmed that he will see you on the motorway later, when he will undoubtedly be ignoring all the ‘lane closing’ signs until the very last minute, at which point he’ll nonchalantly pop his indicator on and expect you to let him move back into the middle lane.

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