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Jesus might have used pasta to feed the 5,000, say experts

Biblical scholars have long debated the plausibility of Jesus feeding five thousand followers using only five loaves and two fish.

Jenny MacArthur is a biblical nutritionist. She had a really weird careers teacher. 'Even if those fish were massive it seems unlikely', she told reporters. 'This could be huge! If that story isn't true - what else might be wrong?'

The Vatican is undaunted.

'Jenny MacArthur smells', a spokesman told us. 'Besides, maybe Our Lord used pasta instead of loaves. One packet of pasta generally produces enough to feed a thousand people. We've all done it. You're eating pasta for ages because you misjudged it. Or rice. Nobody has ever attempted five packets of rice but it would probably feed the EU for a week.'

According to St Mark's gospel the leftovers were actually more than the food they started off with, which would suggest rice. The debate will probably rumble on for ages until everybody stops caring, or some doubting Thomas starts questioning the viability of healing leprosy with reiki.

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