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Journalists struggling to find metaphors for RAAC crisis

Journalists are struggling to find metaphors to sum up the government's appalling handling of the ongoing RAAC crisis.

One leader writer for The Guardian commented, 'There's just nothing to work with, the government is crumbling over this thing, slowly deteriorating and falling apart and we just can't link it to this failing school infrastructure story. They're probably all pissed at another bring a bottle party'

While another reporter observed, 'We are literally racking our brains on coming up with zingers, I mean what do we know about Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, we're not engineers who think they're funny.'

A colleague added, 'The Prime Minister has poor support and needs replacing, surely old construction material issues can be combined with that for a catchy one liner. It's so frustrating. '

After several cups of coffee and staring at his blank screen for two hours The Editor finally said: ' I know what about this as our front page? Super-Fragile-Bad-Logistics-Sunak-is-atrocious.'

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07 sept 2023

Meanwhile 'Gillian Keegan attacks ‘sensationalist’ coverage of school concrete crisis'/ FFS!

Me gusta
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