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Kitchen sink missing from Brighton's training ground

Police are questioning the new Chelsea manager Graham Potter over the disappearance of the kitchen sink from Brighton and Hove Albion’s training facility. Potter recently left Brighton for Chelsea along with several members of the coaching staff, but allegedly returned to raid the kitchen too.

A Chelsea spokesman explained that, as a member of the so-called Big Six, they are entitled to plunder other football clubs for whatever they want, especially any clubs that were threatening to break into the Big Six at their expense. “We already have kitchen sinks of our own, but we like to get hold of all the best kitchen sinks to protect our position,” he explained. “Even if those kitchen sinks are not used by us, the important thing is that Brighton can’t keep hold of their own if we want them.

A statement from Brighton expressed disappointment at the departure of the kitchen sink but said that they would be looking for a suitable replacement as soon as possible. The statement also wished Potter good luck at Chelsea, especially with trying to get Aubameyang to fill in at wingback when required.


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