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Larry greets Keir Starmer and his new ministers

'Ah, Mr Starmer!  I've been expecting you' Larry the cat is reported to having said as Britain's new prime minister eventually found his way to No. 10 downing Street for a confidential inaugural meeting.

Asked later by the world's press how well they got on, Larry was taciturn.  'We'll have to see how well Sir Keir and his colleagues shape up' mouthed the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office as he strolled back to his official quarters 'but it will be good if this is the start of a few years consistency and continuity.  And without any of my staff thinking they have to stand outside in the pouring  rain to make a speech.  I'm a cat, so obviously I would never do anything as dumb as that.'

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

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Jul 07

Larry the Cat


Just left a crap in Sunak's shoe, for old times' sake...

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