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M-G-M failed to act over historic claims of Tom the Cat's 'Mouse Jiggling'

Informal concerns raised about Tom the Cat's actions while he starred in Hanna-Barbera features were 'not properly escalated or adequately addressed', according to the findings of an investigation.

The cartoon feline fronted films including The Cat Concerto, Heavenly Puss and Solid Serenade in the 1940's and 50's.

An investigation by the production company has said managers were alerted to allegations that he dangled mice by their tails, hit puppies with base ball bats, and on one occasion gave a you kangaroo a lit stick of dynamite to hold. His behaviour made female housekeepers feel uncomfortable, and intimidated.

However, no formal complaints were made and the concerns were not escalated.

M-G-M said: 'We are extremely sorry to anyone who was impacted by this behaviour and felt unable to speak up or that their voice was not properly heard, partly because it was provided by Mel Blanc.'

Tom strongly denied the allegations, saying his relationships have 'always' been consensual, reciprocal and , 'just a bit of bantz'.

A report quoted a former film maker as saying the cat's pursuit of other characters for violence was reported to production managers, but their concerns were dismissed.

The researcher said, 'They get away with it little by little, and then a little bit more. It's time these animators learned where to draw the line' Jerry is yet to comment, but Tom claims he is a victim of Mee-ow Too'.

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