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Man whose dog ate Cup Final tickets lives cliché-filled life

A Newcastle fan who found that his Carabao Cup final tickets had been eaten by his dog has a history of clichéd reasons for stuff going wrong.

Arnold Milk said he had been looking forward to a trip to Wembley and had even bought a new alarm clock to sit alongside the one that unfortunately fails to go off whenever he has a morning appointment.

Mr Milk admitted that during his schooldays, he regularly left his homework on the bus, and he once lost his PE kit when a big boy took it and ran away.

At work, Arnold rarely completes his actions on time due to supplier issues caused by Brexit. He has also had quite a few days off to attend his grandmother’s funeral due to his grandfather having been married five times.

Mr Milk still hopes to go to the game after the Club offered to print replacement tickets, provided they can overcome some ongoing IT issues.

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