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Nigeria lodges appeal with FIFA following defeat

It has just emerged that, following Nigeria’s defeat on penalties to England in the Women’s World Cup, the country has lodged an appeal with FIFA.

However, rather than focussing on the clear penalty they were denied, the email surprisingly talks about a fortune the organisation will receive if it’s able to help the sender, who describes himself as a general who was ousted in a coup and now needs to transfer a lot of money out of the country.

”I sent the money they asked for, to pay for some initial setup costs,” explained a FIFA official, “and hoped they’d send the promised millions straight away.

“Unfortunately it turns out there are some other unexpected costs I need to help them with before they can do that. Which is annoying, obvs, but it’s only a matter of a few days, so I’m not worried.”

Apparently the official’s bosses were livid when they heard, one of them saying “I knew we should have sacked him after he chose Qatar to host the Men’s World Cup.

”Though to be fair, on that occasion they did send the money they promised.”

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