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No, there’s not 'Any other business?', confirms everyone at end of meeting

The answer to the question of whether anyone has any other business to raise, made by a chairperson at the end of millions of workplace meetings daily, is always no, absolutely everyone has confirmed.

‘Throughout the history of meetings, no meaningful point has ever made in the ‘any other business’ section', confirmed Mike McBride, Professor of Meetings at the University of Lunn (formerly Lunn Poly).

‘The exception, of course, is when someone suggests going to the pub’.

‘Anyone who thinks it is ok to raise additional items, after an already pointless three hour meeting, when everyone is worn-down and broken by the futility of corporate bureaucracy should be punished by instant electrocution as soon as they raise their hand’, continued McBride.

‘In fact, I’m going to suggest this in ‘any other business’ section of the next meeting I’m in’.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Jul 27, 2023

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