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Normal Person not deliriously ecstatic that a bad politician is being held to account

A normal person with a balanced view of world was shouted at because they were not jumping around screaming in delight when a terrible person faced just reprimands for their horrible actions.

She is puzzled by the cries of 'Why aren’t you joyful? You said he was awful, and you have been proved right, why aren’t you dancing around letting off party poppers?'

She replied by stating, 'I am genuinely upset that my government had allowed this charlatan to get to the highest position in the land, a role which they were clearly unsuitable for. I am embarrassed by them and gain no pleasure in recognising my country is seen as a joke.'

'Dance!' was the reply.

A frothing, red faced mob participant followed up with 'I can’t understand it, I would be going mental if someone I hated got their comeuppance. I’d buy a hat and everything.'

At time of press, it is still unclear if the individual was from the UK or the USA.

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