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Old Mother Hubbard - 2022 remix

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Old mother hubbard

went to the cupboard

but found that the cupboard was bare!

She'd spent all the cash

on last quarter's gas

with inflation, she was having a 'mare!

Old mother hubbard

slammed shut the cupboard

and called her MP in a rage

She made such a fuss

to the listening Liz Truss

that surely, her worries would fade.

Now old mother hubbard

has no empty cupboard

nor kitchen

nor house

nor a home.

It was repossessed,

by some big men in vests

who told her "Your now on your own".

Old mother Hubbard

fell victim to 'Growth'

and the low tax and borrowing it brings.

And while Truss has the fun.

With her mad Tory chums.

She's left packing the last of her things.

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